What Happens in the Vault Stays in the Vault

All your messages, emails, wallet, even your private photographs stay confidential
in NinjaPhone’s cutting-edge invisible vault.
Introducing the next generation smartphone. The NinjaPhone provides security, privacy and convenience with its innovative fully hardened android operating system. The NinjaPhone not only protects against intruders but also includes the world's first encrypted invisible vault for private communications and secure data storage. Now, at last, you can opt in to smartphone functionality without giving up your right to privacy.

Nobody Knows Your Smartphone is a Ninja: Your NinjaPhone is easy to use and has been carefully designed to operate and look like any other android smartphone. This assures that no third party can see that your phone is special. The Ninja OS delivers stress free smartphone functionality and a seamless transition to security and privacy.

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Why You Need NinjaPhone


    The Ninja OS randomly generates MAC addresses and network device names to cloak and obfuscate your device.

    The Ninja OS uses AES256 Full Disk Encryption and a separate lock screen password. The AES key is salted from the extended password (digits increased to 30 from 16).
  • SQLite

    The Ninja OS uses SQLite secure delete so deleted content is overwritten to prevent recovery.

    PGP keys can be generated in the vault and remain there for higher levels of security and additional security hygiene.
  • Hides in Plain Sight

    The NinjaPhone looks like any other smartphone. The people around you will not know it is a secure NinjaPhone, even if you allow them to look inside. The NinjaPhone is the first secure phone that hides in plain sight.
  • Invisible Vault

    Your vault contains secure communications ability and is where you can store sensitive data and even your private photographs. The vault is secure and cannot be found even if your phone is lost or stolen.

The Ninja operating system can be delivered in two versions:


Software such as Google services have been removed to gurantee more security.


Google services and other recreational applications are included to deliver the convenience of a traditional smartphone.